The Scroll

Sometimes life just loses its spark And leaves you alone and wondering The leaves on the trees still wave to the breeze While words are written in the tall grass fields Red winged black birds still come and go And the faces in the clouds hover over watching But you need that ray of light … Continue reading The Scroll

Black on White

There's a line and a wait To positivity's gate Tickets at the other end Though the price is costly To those without moxie Yet the alley's back door none attend There's an edge on the scale Where achievers prevail Across from failures chagrin On the center some pace They've a lifetime to waste Unwilling to … Continue reading Black on White

Mallard Ducks and Such

After three weeks I feel as if my photography is coming along. Composition is tough in the woods, but rainy days and gray skies help. I was excited for my young turkeys and Coopers Hawk who was stalking them pictures, but no luck.  

Transient Paradise

Beware the cabin in the woods It's treachery well understood The residents stare, muddy faced Visitors with tracks erased Rabid hounds have killed I heard Beds of bones and last whispers If seen stray wide Steer clear Heed my advice The framed fire glows, flickers entice

House Wren

Todays capture was a house wren in the thick of the woods. He was not pleased with my intrusion and was very vocal about it.   Here are some shots from my trip to the mountains this last weekend. Nothing special, but interesting enough to use for practice. The rhododendrons were just beginning to bloom … Continue reading House Wren

Absolute Zero

  Absolute Zero It's a place some know Though few return It's the darkest kind of night No place to hide You hold your breath in fright And still hear breathing In your ear Against your cheek Footsteps outside the door You cling the covers tight The door knob moves So slight You can't scream … Continue reading Absolute Zero


  BALANCE It's dark First time First light First breath First sight The level sands lie flat and still First smile First right First wrong Last time First friend First fun First double cross Last time Yeah right! First crush First kiss First time First love All lasts firsts Moments lapse First loss Lump in … Continue reading Balance


The world is always darkest right before the dawn. It may be a while to you see the trail again. Unknown things touch your face, fear projects nightmares on the blackness, and you stop to see if those footsteps heard were your own. But, this is the time when you'll see the first light. Despite … Continue reading Enlightenment

Northern Flicker

  Northern Flickers are common in these city woods. There are many tall dead trees with hollowed out cavities where they can nest. They are in the woodpecker family, but are more likely to be found feeding on the ground or perched high keeping an eye on trespassers.


Today I strayed from the tracks to see what the green woods had to offer. I took the 40-150mm lens and hit the trail seeing and snapping anything that looked half interesting. There were a few butterflies and flowers and even a few squirrels, but nothing of any significant intrigue. Besides seeing what macro shots … Continue reading Derailed


Know where to hide, Cover your ears. Her chords again played On grinding gears.   It wasn't enough; She needs so much more. With shackles she hunts For her passive whore.   I left her lone That darkest night. Freedom's earnings Like swallow's flight. Purchased life, With out costly fees. No longer damned Nor meant … Continue reading Acquiescence 

The Warning

The creatures stand watching As I slowly walk by. I try not to look While I'm wondering why.   The rabbits this morning Sat on my walk. No fear or warning Nothing said, They never talk.   The buck by the road Stood there chewing on leaves. I whistled, He looked, And objectified me.   … Continue reading The Warning

Between Dreams

  My dog lays around And grumbles, And moans; Disturbed disapproval In guttural tones. Those who come to the door Are greeted with this. His head is upturned When dreams are amiss. Running through fields Or chasing small birds? Legs quiver, Feet jerk, Flews tense, Breath spurts. When I leave there's no reason. While gone … Continue reading Between Dreams

Torment to be

Torment to be To the ridge then the valley where the view wouldn't show The ups and the downs to where one might go. From the next ridge one saw not but a mess Just to travel below where the weary might rest. Through the night brightness teased, In the light none were pleased, Til … Continue reading Torment to be


The time came when I needed challenge the beast. All that I ever came to know or love depended on this. Armed with only a blade, forged of reason, and a shield of ideals; I climbed the fortress walls into the night. The stone walls, settled through the years, were cold and hard. The passages … Continue reading Knowledge