1)Introduction To My World

mothFirst off, I believe to really convey my story to you that you have to understand that it is true. As unbelievable and different as it may seem it is important to realize that although my world is unlike anything you have seen or come to understand it stems from the same life values that we all have and share. What differs more than any other aspect is our perceptions. What I have learned and come to take for granted are the obvious essentials that formed and prospered in my conscience world from my most intrinsic senses. Now to help you understand it is my challenge to convey them to you in a manner that will help you believe their inherent truths.

So what really lies in the way at this point is your perspective and to really be able to see what I am telling you Im going to have to request that you put aside anything that you think you might know; after all, this is my world and not yours. Any preconceived notion, whether decided or stemming from secondhand information, you will need to leave behind for now. My world is exclusive and unlike any other and needs the utmost focus for comprehension. To really enter it you need to see it from where I am standing which in itself is a physical impossibility and requires a diffusion of space. My space is my space and even if I move it is me who defines it so this is going to have to require something more.

The laws of time and space are very solid and unchangeable at this point and time, but if we bend them to our needs possibly we can get past that. So lets consider my space. It is endemic to me and from what I can tell waiting ahead of me at the moment. How? That’s simple, I am currently not in the future I am in the present. So lets assume that like time it is ever gaining value and infinite in nature. Lets also consider that it is expanding at a rate that is great enough that we are incapable of perceiving it from the present. Our current perception limits me from seeing it, but makes it available for those who wish to step ahead and look back at what’s already existent. So for the time being I ask of you to leave behind your current physical space and move forward into my metaphysical perspective to see how it appears to me. This may sound impossible, but I assure you that you are already doing it if you care to consider the pertinent nature of our relationship.

Amongst all that you see become comfortable with your surroundings. You are now caught up in a future where I do not  exist as of yet and looking back to me from my point of view in an ever growing expanse of time and space bound and defined by its own physical relevance to the present and detachment from the future. In this metaphysical environment you are zooming into focus between overlapping dimensions of values of space and time that are determined by their physical relevance. In between possibilities are endless and and have no set beginning or end only overflowing versions of what might possibly be and constant reminders of what came to be. In the focus is me and my world.

What you must see now is me and my world , yet at this point my world is of no greater value than me and requires no more space in the metaphysical than I. Being that I can not gain your perspective I have to presume that what you see at this point is still biased to your thoughts and possibly that I may look like some nostalgic figure of god like appearance sitting on a similarly sized rock with long hair and beard draping down over my stereotypical muscular masculine body and possibly wearing a fig leaf. That is not me though. I am but an average man of average build and stature sitting cross legged on a new world of my own pondering its significance. My name is Norm and I have short unkept sandy hair and germanic features including a thin nose and cleft chin. My apparel is not so god like and consists of faded blue jeans, a black concert tee shirt, and white canvas tennis shoes that I forgot to tie. My expression is somewhat distracted and my shoulders are slouched to compensate for the ache in my ass from sitting so long on a hard rock suspended in vacant space. The quiet is only disturbed by my beating heart, an occasional sigh and the overall feel is that of clean calm like the fresh smell found after a gentle rain.

Now the doubts really are set and believability and my credibility are shot to hell, but again I assure you that if you search your metaphysical self you can surely see it and feel it as surely and as vibrant as any other event you can recall from the past. “How do you breathe Norm?” you might ask. I don’t get or question your world but still acknowledge it; don’t question mine just acknowledge it is all that I ask. If you can do this we can move on and possibly refocus for to really see into my world it is what you will have to do. Only then can you possibly understand it and then you will realize that at the center of my world lies a woman.

Traveling along, amok amongst the laws of time and space, within the endless possibilities reaching out like the stars is the rock where inside revolves my world. Upon entering it you may feel restricted and confined, but be aware this is only a temporary transition that will soon fade as relevant perceptions adapt. Its not like any world you have come to know and is totally confined within its own realm. From where you stand I am no longer an issue at this point other than maybe some unnoticeable entity shining light on what needs to be seen like a coachmen or gatekeeper with a lantern. Other than that at this point is a stretch of terrain in every direction and an island in the center of everything where the woman who is the center of my world resides.

Its hard to imagine a world inside out, yet aren’t most of our worlds turned inside out at one point or another. It’s also hard to imagine an island in the middle. This leaves a world divided by air and water, but aren’t most of our worlds split in one way or the other and is it really that hard to relate to. Now on this island in the center of my world sitting between to opposite mediums, that although diffusible do not mix, is a woman and her steed. It’s so easy to figure them the same as any other significant characters in a new world. Her, long haired and and perfect, standing naked and vulnerable beside a great white horse on a sandy beach in the sun. Once again a typical presumption from both ends I am sure because Helen is just a lone woman in a sandy windswept land. She stands beside her sturdy pinto and only companion wrapped in tan flowing canvas to protect her from the sands. Her beauty is beyond her physical build although noticeable from the way her wraps hang from her body and can readily be seen through her eyes which remain visible.

It’s not hard to see her and I am sure you know someone of similar attributes. If you follow her foot prints and the hooves prints of Pie, her spotted stallion, you will eventually find her. From behind she will seem no more than a robed figure plodding along beside a strong unbridled beast, yet as she turns to look at you and my light shines upon her you will notice her head wrapped in tan. As the sandy air clears you will find a circle through the canvas wrapping her head and covering her mouth and nose leaving only her eyes visible. Once you’ve come this far you will see her real beauty as it overwhelms you. Appearing to glow her two eyes look as if set in the purest white and like the marbles you used to play with when you were a child. They will take on a third dimension in depth and swirling shades of blues and grays amongst the clear. This is where you enter her world.

This is a world unbeknownst to me and one for which I long to know. Unlike you I can not find entry as you did into mine. It’s a world of wonders and bliss that pulls at my every being and enchants me, but as i sit here and reminisce of looking into her eyes and they draw me like bees to pollen; I can taste the sweetness that could be made. Even though I sit and obsess and visualize every scenario and every word my desire is crushed under the weight of knowing that she can not see into my world. If it was possible I’d ask you to put in a good word for me, but still she could not see or know. Now I leave you to come back and find your own space again. You have seen my world and though you still doubt it, despite its remarkable tangent from anything else you think you know, it has become a part of your world and that’s where its truths wait.

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