Know where to hide,

Cover your ears.

Her chords again played

On grinding gears.


It wasn’t enough;

She needs so much more.

With shackles she hunts

For her passive whore.


I left her lone

That darkest night.

Freedom’s earnings

Like swallow’s flight.

Purchased life,

With out costly fees.

No longer damned

Nor meant to be.


The rushing blood

And long deep breaths.

The living song

To angst bereft.


On spectrums bend

Some horny beast

That rides away

While dead men feast.

His reddened eyes

And wanton gaze;

Lust for lunar memes

On rainy days.


Stories grow cold,

Imprints of Braille,

Numb fingers stuck

To frozen steel.

Irreverently displayed

Intentions disband.

She sneaks past the guards

With reaching hands.


The bedding’s soft.

Her linen is neat.

You hearken her whispers;

Lost and discrete.


Lie down,


And close your eyes.

There’s no resisting known white lies.


Just sleep,


And pretend.

Apathy’s charm;

Quiescent end.

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