Torment to be

Torment to be

To the ridge then the valley where the view wouldn’t show
The ups and the downs to where one might go.
From the next ridge one saw not but a mess
Just to travel below where the weary might rest.
Through the night brightness teased,
In the light none were pleased,
Til the clear sound was heard where the water was seized.
The fast current pulled as the back water slowed;
The rocks peeked through torrents making eddies of woe.
Stuck in the midst and lost from the drift
Was a struggling sparrow whose last breath it did lift.
Circle and circle it did round and round
Just to observe the place it might drown.
His black eye reflected a pin dot of white
Perhaps the sunset or last glimmer of life.
As night fall approached this figure did fade
With the perilous fight whose results were not made.
And out of the dark rushing water came clear
The next ridge where the new rising moon would appear.
Time left behind the short story whose fate
Might’ve been the next sign that predicted his fate.
With caution the traveler now traveled with haste
Leaving to chance what thoughts fears never waste…..

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