exacerbation of ludicrous thoughts, cognitive anarchy, and run on sentences #1

The fall of western society and collapse of basic values:

Struggle is every creature’s core need and the foundation for survival. With out life struggles man is still pressured to express this instinct and will fill the void with created and unnecessary chaos. As people’s need to struggle evolves, the need to attach themselves to societal beliefs that are detached from nature and dangerously create evolutionary dead ends spawns a break down of core intrinsic values and a self defeating deluded environment of instability that could collapse at any time. While people continue to believe they prosper here, nature holds the upper hand as certain destruction looms and resets the need for basic survival instincts through a collapsed society and loss of all deluded life’s values (wealth, stature, acceptance, etc) reintroducing the necessary struggles that are required. Looking at the loss of these determiners of societal health and essential values it’s easy to see the signs of this hidden oppression through the extreme numbers of depressed, discontented and lost souls who express themselves daily through heinous acts and unreasonable declarations of blame. The false beliefs and irrational reason camouflage the true nature of this beast and the hysteria evolves in the spotlight and all accept it and never question its validity. It’s much easier to point fingers and choose sides and secretly hate while embracing the misleading and unneeded amenities of societal norms and material goods that coverup the essential fundamental amenities needed for survival while the evolutionary dead ends prosper and set theses destructive traits. Greatness spawns from chaos and apparently chaos spawns from greatness and balances these ironic simplicities of necessary human instinct lost amongst the complex abnormalities or abominations of sentient life and leads the way to broken societies and the downfall of civilizations. History shows us this again and again and it would figure to say that the faster and more violently a civilization evolves that the faster it self destructs.

Steven Hawking said that to believe in god is the foundation for ignorance and lacks intelligence and can be seen in communities and individuals who cling to religion for hope only holding back progress and technology. It seems to me that progress and technology are a sure pathway to the need for true life struggles, hope and religious beliefs and when everything we thought we knew and learned to believe in falls out from underneath of us it is god that we will all look to to save us in the end.

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