Butterfly Nets and Rose Gardens


Tuck me in, under a blanket of grass,
Where I once laid under trees to watch the clouds pass.
Let me now blissfully return to the earth,
Where my body and spirit can maintain their worth.
Let the worms and beetles crawl round my bones;
Let the damp dirt bleach them white like bright stones.
As the grass browns above me,
And the leaves insulate,
The trees will absorb me,
Roots twist through my fate.
Let my mind and my memories mix with the ground,
Let thorny flowers wait there til found.
Nectar drips sweet,
Bees and butterflies,
My soul dissipates,
And my lover still cries.
My composting parts gone,
My essence universal,
If you knew me, so long!
Maybe fret for a bit,
Then forget, I know I will.



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