For Little Faith and Hope



There was a time, once long ago,
In a small town not so far away
When there a young boy with
With big beautiful eyes
Had received a special gift
On one fine day.

The old man, he kneeled down to his height
And whispered kind words into his ear.
He told him, “I have a button of magic and sight
To pin to your heart my tiny dear.”

The young boy smiled and with a cringe
Accepted the gift from him without any fear.
He said, “thank you old man, I’ll cherish this prize;
On my heart it will stay and always be near.”

“Take it my son and cherish the world
and all of those who may travel your way,
But remember this son, there are some rules
To ensure that all of its magic will stay.”

“First you must remember it is for you alone,
Yet a time will come when you must give it away.
When it finally arrives there will be no doubt
And with you the good will still be every day.”

Together they walked, both hand in hand
And traveled with joy, no cares or need to pretend
Until the generous old man who gave him his best
Had obligations to which he must tend.

The time did come, eventually, when the boy found out
What he didn’t know previously.
The door opened up and invited him in
To a world full of adventure and great mystery.

The skies were the bluest and clouds drifted closer.
The rain water tingled and was sweet on his lip.
Tiny birds, they all sang of beauties and wonders,
While demons and monsters were defeated each trip.

His friends they were many and offered him plenty.
Together they’d sing, make believe and find pleasure.
Night time it had shivers, campfires made figures
With stories of ghosts and tales of lost treasure.

The girls all were snooty and might give them cooties.
They’d tease them and make fun of their silly ways.
When no one was watching they’d whisper secretly
Promising best friends forever and talking always.

The days were all cheerful and years became taut;
Responsibility snuck in by handfuls and lots.
Then one day by surprise and in shock,
With secret friendship his heart tangled in knots.

Her hair was golden, eyes were the bluest of blues.
Her words stayed inside him and were honest and wise.
The days were the longest when togetherness they’d lose;
When close and harmonic he saw magic in her eyes.

Fearing demise, he humbly gave her his heart;
His prophesied happiness, dependence the toll.
Eager and willing he planned out a new start;
He knew he could never deny her his soul.

With life now afresh and with great promise
They planned to fly off to build a house on the rocks
With white fences and flowers in the greenest of grasses.
To their flight they would rush, but he brought extra socks.

The magic was stronger than he’d known or thought it could be;
A few years filled with live dreams and discovery,
Yet amongst all the glamour, amongst the fast pace,
There was a slight bothersome lull, he refused to see.

All was forgotten as plans changed for some new.
The candle was lit; its flame strengthened and grew.
New life entered their world in a masculine form
And they gave praise when their new son was born.

Despite all the fuss, despite what they thought,
The most joyous of days followed nights when they fought.
Discussions and arguments, rolled eyes, left distraught,
Decisions to rekindle the candle or not.

One morning he woke and the air was too tense;
He listened for familiar noises in the strange atmosphere.
The drawers were empty and he struggled for some sense.
All the happiness was gone, he faced his worst fear.

The rain now always darkened the skies round his home
Which didn’t last long as he struggled alone.
The good things lost luster and friends threw him bones.
Each day he need muster the strength to go on.

By himself in the crowds, feeling lost in the woods,
Scary Faces looked unfriendly and the birds wouldn’t sing.
He wondered and thought how to fix what he could.
He worried of his son, if he could leave him anything.

Eventually time traveled on and with haste
He accepted the things that he needed to see.
With time he found new love and married again,
Bought a house in the country and lived gratefully.

His son now a man and on a woman he’d dote.
This girl was a sweetheart with whom he might elope.
In a while he received some good news in a note;
Happiness was back in a little girl they named Hope.

On his lot he found joy as his hair turned to gray.
With his wife they found meaning and peace from old ways.
In the summers time was spent with two wide eyed girls;
Hope and little sister Faith, skipped round wearing pigtails.

One night as he laid in his bed feeling old and tired
Thinking of childhood and the forsaken old scenes.
He thought of the good and the bad things he’d sired.
He thought of his struggles and new and lost dreams.

His wife stood beside him and to smile was so hard.
He said to her, “Sweetheart, I’ve been lucky so far.
You know dear, I haven’t felt this way since I was young.
I was too busy fixing what I thought needed done.”

“All that seemed so important, all that I loved or despised,
If told that I’d be here, I’d of considered it lies.
Now as I lay here, worn and rethinking my fate,
A second chance or change, I’d refuse and not hesitate.”

She said to him, “Dear don’t make yourself blue.
I know who you are; if me, I guess I might too.
And by the way, I have a message for you
From two girls you love, though I don’t have a clue.”

“They told me to tell you how much they miss you.
They long to see you again and it can’t be too soon.
They told me to thank you for the gift, I asked what?
They told me a button of magic for luck.”

He looked up and smiled;
Gently kissed her warm cheek.
He looked in her eyes and he gazed in them deep.
He remembered his Grandfather’s gift and his speech.
Now he knew they were found.
Now he knew he could sleep.













2 thoughts on “For Little Faith and Hope

  1. Though This poem tells a story and flows beautifully, I feel a long poem often loses the idea and the impact. Looking forward to more poetry.
    Thanks for nudging me out here hnt to wish you great success with your endeavor. This vast blogosphere creates some wonderful connections if we are consistent with our efforts.

    Liked by 2 people

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