Broken Mirrors

The dancer will not dance
The runner runs from running
The pious guilty adorn facades
To hide from third person cunning
Upon your thorn of plenty
Nettles reach for truth
Behind the mask unseen
Danger comes a new
Live your dance and push your run
Golden calves they speak
Heart in throat and mind in gut
The empty promise weak
Best known rumors leak
Untold voyeurs surmount to one
Complete the art and fly
Still you don’t know why
The signatures still wet
No sign of those who spy
Guaranteed do fret
Anomalous don’t sweat


Doors now close ?
To you
Life hasn’t put you through
Even what’s inside
Even through false pride
Your winters haven trashed
While autumns color fades too fast
Barren and torn
Woven and worn
The reflection sees
The entities
Sour flavored spit
It’s all for not
Cause none are sought
Not a fucking one
Hang your head
Hide your eyes
Reflections always told you lies
There is no wait
None other
Just fate
Convince the crowd who learned to hate
The pride you show
Thought none knew
The ego fashioned spew
The consumed lifeless roe
Expelled in lines of the show
That one would come to know
Insecurely bound
Singly renowned
Only dancer
Lonely run
Drinks for one

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