Photo Ops/ Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark ll

I’ve been wanting to pick up a respectable camera and this Olympus model not only seemed to fit the requirements, but also is making itself a good reputation. It has many of nice features for an amateur such as myself and paired with the Olympus M Zuiko 14-42 EZ lens it is compact and basically a point and shoot camera in AUTO mode. Expecting poor weather today I took it out yesterday and with no experience, pointed, and shot. Out of 150 pictures I kept three and although my photography needs some work it performed well.

I couldn’t pass this tiger lily and it was probably my best picture of them all.



This young buck circled me allowing for around 30 pictures. The colors are nice, but I found I needed some experience with the focus here. The camera allows for touch screen focus while looking through the view finder so I will be better prepared next time. I could’ve also chose a scene mode such as nature or sports that may have gave me better settings for the environment.



Not a great sunset, yet the few layers present were represented well. There is also a landscape or dusk mode available amongst others.



As I learn to capture quality pictures with this set up I plan to upgrade to a 50-150 lens and after that a 75-300 lens. Being a mirrorless camera the lenses should be the equivalent of double that of DSLRs and I should have plenty of camera for wildlife photography and low light conditions. Nothing like being an amateur and having another opportunity to learn another art.

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