Dwell II

These poems were responsible for bringing me back to writing and my my first attempts at free verse. I wrote them all within a month this last December and January.  I can’t say if I believe if they are any good or not, its difficult to read my own writing, but they definitely had my heart in them.


Dwell 2 of 4


Feel the mist settle
With the morning air
Open your eyes
Unfamiliar shadows stare

Ahead there’s a glow
A hint of new day
Possibilities slow
As they travel your way

The coming warmth
The inward pounding hearth
The still life a song
Listen to the ringing calm

The creatures barely heard
Unseen all around
Leaves press into earth
Yet they make no sound

The song birds on a whim
Flit from limb to limb
Announce the breaking day
Break the silent way
Destroy the unsettling breath
The hidden wood had held
Around the evenings death
That cracked the day long weld

The planets form a line
To drink the painters wine
His brush strokes lightly tint
The surroundings with a hint

Yellow orange it filters through
Boughs that block what fires do
Ghastly whisps they fade away
While logs and trunks highlights display


And on the ground
Where prints are found
They lead the way
From where once bound

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