Dwell III (Distraction)

These poems were responsible for bringing me back to writing and my my first attempts at free verse. I wrote them all within a month this last December and January.  I can’t say if I believe if they are any good or not, its difficult to read my own writing, but they definitely had my heart in them.


Dwell 3 of 4



She calls again
You hear her cries
She wants you back
To live your lies
It’s no surprise
There’s no disguise
The dreamy woodland realm
That tears your ties
With realities formidable punch
It takes your breath
Gasping on your knees
It takes your breath
Breeds upon your pleas
Turn back at the crossroads



The sunlit wood
The powdered snow
The ravens call
That defines you so
Circle trails and bundled quills
Turnips left to hungry wills
You hear the bells
The pants ring true
Silence tells
Frozen in the tell tale new
It calls for you
Approach the scene
Get the point
Go now fool
The foggy light
It hides the night
Come now lay with me
Taste my upper lip
Softly lay your head
Against my bare warm hip
Dream with me my friend
And sleep the drifters trend
The fairy knows your name
The oak has strength to mend
The coldness truth
Dampness feels
Blood it slows while body chills
It’s alright
She says and dims the light
It’s alright

The dreams they speak
Twisted face
The incredulous celebrated
Crimson crested crown
Locks on painted frown
Cracked a single eye
Motionless to spy
Deathly pale and still
Blue lipped pleasure kill
Wake again and try
Sea serpents hide
Flicking tails denied
Groin shot to your pride
Where beauty will reside
Mock the antagonist
Feel the present chide
And mount the steed
Exonerate the guiltless shamed
Carry on and ride
Don’t consider
Carry on and ride

Red skied lit horizons now
Mark the lofty treasured
But freedoms awakened steadily
Upon scales with no measure
Little liar tells his tale
But you only see the honorable
While playfully and gathering
Treetop dwellers work from spring
And scops record what’s going on
Carry on
Fret the dawn
Harness the fleet
Hobble those with hooved feet
The morning star may guide
Those that run
Dreaded fun
Forbidden by the restless one
Absence of existence
Endless persistence
Of the surmounting storm
Regardless of the outcome
Vacancy of form
Protector of the outed
Supposedly devout
Just wanting out
Who cares anyhow
Just want out
To hell with it
Just want out

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