Dwell IV (A Reckoning)

These poems were responsible for bringing me back to writing and my my first attempts at free verse. I wrote them all within a month this last December and January.  I can’t say if I believe if they are any good or not, its difficult to read my own writing, but they definitely had my heart in them.


Dwell 4 of 4

A Reckoning


And jetsom
The crash and burn
You might have died
The icy waters hold you
Still you didn’t hide
The frenzied feel
Of panic struck uncertainty
A gift or curse to hate
Once fear of sure insanity
The trail had tried and failed
But it’s sailed
And now worrisome and lost
You could’ve bailed
But it’s sailed
It’s only frost
It’s cool
It pains
It’s real
But feels

I walk awake and refreshed into the new
The bottomless nausea earned
The cries of paid dues
The wheel has again turned
The destination true
Despite all the horror that past journeys knew
The compass it spins
The map reads each view
The needle a float
The print smeared from tears
Not sorrowful or joyous
Just drained from the wares
Amenities of hopeless wanderers
That wasted the years

Pull in the anchors
Swing out the guns
While floating at peace
On damaged reruns
Take in the fresh air
Spoiled by promise
The stench shows how little
Yet malaise shows duress
The captains log
Sees the journey
And writes like it’s wrote for you
The restless current up and down
Between the records still ring true
So hug the sail free mast
Brined splintered planks
protect and comfort you
Remember the hillsides
The sirens call that drones to blue
The little noises over due
What makes the dimensions
Give the wood a last adieu
Watch it’s beauty
Each blade
Each creature made
The leafy limbs
Dance with the winds
Perhaps they call to someone new
Nothing left
To someone new
My prayers go to
As I travel ridge and valley
tie my unraveled ropes
And pray for you

When at the heights
Look not near
And see it all
Where loud and clear
Beneath the words
For only you
None understand
Only you

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