These poems were responsible for bringing me back to writing and my my first attempts at free verse. I wrote them all within a month this last December and January.  I can’t say if I believe if they are any good or not, its difficult to read my own writing, but they definitely had my heart in them.


Dwell 1 of 4


So it goes
the gauntlet begins
Recklessly run
A course with no friends

Knew it could be
Still dared to see
Knew it could hurt
But pain is suiting

Too easy

The wood is calling
The wind carries her pleas
Bare tree tops like hands
Searching for leaves

Ground is quiet white
Never Count on sheep
Sleep the night
Til rays alight
Sleep the night

Walk the cluttered trail
Whos sharps obstacles you feel
Out of sight out of mind
The slumber will avail

Count your steps
Same as last
Don’t wake the past

The quiet night
Absent light
Dreams don’t count
But it’s alright
Dreams don’t count

The dark wood lingers
Add with no fingers
Memories remember
Gray fills the blanks

It’s just a dream
Body language lies
Listen she says
Look at my eyes
Familiar and easing
Gracefully teasing


Quickly now
To the screech owls domain
The branches open
Carelessly wander
Black and blue weighs
Prey for fresh new days
No good to ponder
Where blindness resides
Starless and hidden from site
comforting ignorance
No frosty bite
Remember bliss
Remember light

The black embrace
The nameless face
The only shelter left for fools
It’s melting quandary left in pools
Remember the canopy
The cooling shade
Listen to the wind
Follow the path of those who lose
Their wisdom forgotten
Their demising folly carved in stone

To the thickets I go
Slow the pace
No wants
No haste
No false pleasantries to waste
No wait
No fate
No more reasons for this place
Don’t wake yet
Don’t forget
Why your here
Dream for me

When the words don’t lie anymore

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