It's dark
First time
First light
First breath
 First sight

The level sands lie flat and still

First smile 
First right
First wrong
Last time

First friend 
First fun
First double cross
Last time
Yeah right!

First crush
First kiss
First time 
First love
All lasts firsts
Moments lapse

First loss
Lump in the throat
I don't cry
Last kiss
Last remembered 

First goal
First job
First wife
Responsibilities claim your life

First house
Just another car
First child
Hazy memories

First lonesomeness 
First understanding
Last hopefulness telling lies


Last time 
Last foolish choice
Last misgiven trust
First light

Last exciting first
First realization 
Mediocrity's inevitable and unwelcome visit
Last pretending

Last love
Last kiss
Last smile
Last wish

Remember when
Remember the first time
Remember why
I try but can't

The last sands move so fast through the funnel

Last thought
Last memory 
Last sight
Last breath

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