Absolute Zero



Absolute Zero

It’s a place some know
Though few return
It’s the darkest kind of night
No place to hide
You hold your breath in fright
And still hear breathing
In your ear
Against your cheek
Footsteps outside the door
You cling the covers tight
The door knob moves
So slight
You can’t scream
There’s no way out
None but one
With no safe passage
Destination unknown
Options? Any?
You need to go
Devil whispers tell you so
Lies bombard your mind
Rationale falters
Obsessions lack reason
And no one cares
Especially you
This place so many claim to know
But none dare go
Forrest harpies feast
You yearn it
You crave the taste
Carbon blue
Numbs the tongue
Hurts your teeth
Painting pictures on the wall
Ruby rising sun
Come undone
Not a pill
No pipe
It’s not about revenge
Dark offerings
Zero’s comprehension
Real freedom awaits
They’ll forget
Everyone always does
Life goes on
How many really know?
Next to those who go
Clench your eyes and teeth
Grip the floor breath deep
Eventually can’t not sleep
And in the morning
A new day?
Another chance?
Everything passes
No one will know
But you’ll see it in some eyes
And they in yours
Those who’ve been there
Don’t tell

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