Black on White

There’s a line and a wait
To positivity’s gate
Tickets at the other end
Though the price is costly
To those without moxie
Yet the alley’s back door none attend

There’s an edge on the scale
Where achievers prevail
Across from failures chagrin
On the center some pace
They’ve a lifetime to waste
Unwilling to chance it to win

There’s a facade of false bricks
On a house built from sticks
Windowless shelter for whys
Where dwellers reposed
Embrace the darkness’s prose
And let it play tricks with their eyes

Theres no net from the heights
Of passion’s endless flights
Perpetual risk of falling again
Though the romantic engages
Follies constructed by sages
Regardless they rush to descend

Black makes the white
Vivid and bright
No grey areas of abandon
Can’t keep left without right
Losing center’s clear sight
In the middle of the road lines aren’t thin

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