Adieu eyes of Blue

When first opened, I hear

They were bright and blue

I, A miracle in life 

To make this world new

When I last close them, I expect

To find what I’ve seen

I don’t know for sure

I just hope it’s that way

When she knocks at my door
When I first saw her, by now, irises green

In the distance her beauty, serene

I found as she drew closer

Her grace lost its glow

Her essence a black cloud

Her eye’s light did show

But romantics paint each image

From what they first see

Believe what they need, to

Blot out reality

At this point her air, now

Oozed out like thick grease

Encapsulated in tragedy

Suffocating on my knees

I felt her pain,

Her sorrow,

Pitied her insecurity

Then I told her goodbye

For not leaning on me

Now a monster, judgmental

I lie in hypocrisy

My words of promise

Lost sincerity

I felt the need to purge

Wanted to cry, but 

Forced tears are selfish

Diminished to brown

My gaze of tarnish

Near sited disparage 

No hope to discourage 

Looking through blue haze 

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