It sweeps in on a wind
The last leaves are ripped away
Bare branches click with an occasional crash
Black grows upwards from the horizon
Cold declares its dominance and autumn steps down in defeat

Looking down below the lake’s surface is torn
The snow whitens the ground but dampens the noises as the winds taper
The snows climb trunks and hide rocks
Life is clutching to the pine trees
Each day where prints make short circled paths in repeated ventures
Each day life is the same
Short between the long cold nights
Where daylight is a commodity
And green is a rough sought memory
The guffaw of dark ones rumbles over the valleys
The scream of ambushed hares shatters the twilight
While coyotes howl for the moon
Foxes bark for companions
The birds fill their crops to make warmth in the night
Preserved through conservative flits
Grasping the blown treetops
Or shadowed by needles

In the morning each repetitive hike starts anew
Each night the wandering tracks blown over
The storms sing to the residents
Of hopeless days
And a proverbial end
Until warm rains wash away the mud
Into the dirty sea of post ice age drawings
Lost in caverns
Where no one goes any more

2 thoughts on “Retreat

  1. Your word choice never ceases to astound me, and your pictures always seem to match the writing perfectly. (Also, this setting reminded me so much of the eternal winter from The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, so I was geeking out a lil bit 😂)

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    1. I still have a copy of CS Lewis novels. They were right up there with Tolkien for me in the 80s. Thank you for the compliment, I try to photoshop my personal photos to help as a start into the imagery and moods I want to express. Sometimes I feel I can be a little vague. The place I refer too is actually a mountain in NE PA and is just as magical. It never leaves me short on metaphorical value…..

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