Trail Notes 8/12

Writers block? Where do you buy it?  Here’s a normal hikes worth of recorded ideas and thoughts. Nothing worth edit!!!!!

Two o clock to ten

Energy released, subtle drop

The drift is engaged

Sodom and Gomorrah
Funny how we scoff

How we make fun

Just don’t believe 

That a world of bad morals and disarray 

Can bring down fire from the sky

It’s funny how as society matures

And technology grows

That it opens the doors once more 

No fine line
Upon interview I came right out and asked

“Do you feel you’re a genius?”

The physicist looked at me confidently and smug

He said, “that’s what some say!” Without hesitation.

The look in his eyes told no lies

He knew that he was….
Later and not too soon

I interviewed a homicidal freak

Incarcerated and his alibi was weak

So I asked him the same,

“Do you feel you’re a genius?”

He looked into me with his black eyes

He smiled and appeared quite wise

That’s when he told me,

“Some might say so!”

And I knew the same 

From the spark in his far away eyes

He did not lie

There’s one way to rightfully take what life owes you

That is to gratefully take your own life
Fishing Lessons
A hungry man approached me on the street

I taught him how to earn his keep

Now each day I find him at my door

The lesson learned and now he wanted more

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