The Path of Righteousness

There are no green pastures
No still waters
Only trees
No forks in the road
No mile markers
Just dark forest with no leaves
Where is my guide
To show me the way
I have no bearings
No North Star
No sun
Just skies of dark grey
But I walk on forward
And start fresh each new day
Hope is just rumors
Spread by the sheep
Who gather in meadows and act like good sheep
In the darkness are shadows
The wolves they await
To ambush lone travelers
When from center they stray
The price for your freedom
Will cost you your heart
It’s worth lost it’s value anyways
It beats on hanging by a single vein
Battered from loved ones who chose other ways
The past may be behind you
Yet it follows close near
Voices reminding you
To look back from fear
And ghosts they are many
They travel both ways
Keeping you company despite your distaste
Sometimes it seems they’re all that you have
So you look to the heavens
For golden rays of light
Occasionally they tease you
Of warm sunny days
You look up and ask
You kneel down and pray
Father please help me
Forsake me no more
I’ve been a good man
I’ve followed your words
Some bad decisions yes
But I believed in them then
I’ve gave all I had to those in need
I’m thankful for chances
And life’s lessons seen
But help me I’m lost
I can’t find my way

Then I think
It’s right in front of me
How helpless can I be
forgive me for sin
Forgive me for being
Forgive me for doubts
And selfish doing
I don’t ask for much
Just nudges for children who walk led astray
For love from a woman who feels the same
No riches
No goods
I don’t need much
I don’t mind the struggle
I can’t stand sadness and hopeless grey days

I know that I know the answers I need
I know my destination is ahead
Still I look for a sign
The woods are so quiet
Not a movement or sound
The birds have left me too
The treetops don’t sway
There have been no tunnels
No light to strive for
Just a single dirt road
To follow to its end
If possible
My body is tired
My soul weak
But I walk on
I have no cup
I drink from stagnant puddles
No flow
No mercy
I try to remember goodness it’s been so long
I imagine a house
Welcoming me home
I just want to lay down
Rest my old bones
Close my red eyes
And dream

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