Storms come in strong and quick

They blot out the sky with what’s unknown 

Light blinding, rumbles and crashes

A piece of paper flies and spins 

Out of control and there’s no escape

To tough it out seems futile

Running’s the fools route 

It makes sense if we believe

But we must face our misgivings

Let go of the fears

Let go of ideals

Head on into the stinging forceful mists

For as long as it takes


When it all comes down

And it seems controlled

Distant flashes remind us

A grumble under its breath

And one last soaking before we’re free
Cold and chilled

But now we can find warmth

Wet and dripping

But now we can get dry

Tired and hungry 

But home awaits

And has never been more appealing

Hot coffee and cool sheets await

First we must continue through the haze

But it will lift with dawn

And the world afresh

The last drops sparkling in the daylight

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