Before tomorrow

Upon a thunder cloud I sit

And wait

And watch

I see you walking through the tall grass


And singing

I feel your notes reach out and touch my ears

They lift me from the surface

And I float 

Unafraid and merrily

Towards the sunrise

In the reddened creamy sky

While darkness approaches from the west

Cold breezes chill the air

And you run

To nowhere

In the green light

Looking for shelter 

Or a safe place

But none are on the way

I want to reach out

Pull you from the oncoming storms

But know you have to find your way yourself

Nature has no mercy

Or use for those whom ignore her

So i smile

And tell you all is alright

I tell you I love you

But they skies become as night

And they will pass

But not without being heard

I can hold you

Feel a shiver

Kiss you

Lips quiver

My teeth clench

My throat hurts

And I ride the dark clouds proudly

And aware

And when you’ve found your place

The rain pours down


And unashamed

Because sunsets tell of blue skies tomorrow

And I await their coming patiently 

You learned the same as I did baby

Each day starts as new 

No telling where it might go

Every yesterday is stored in order

For future reference

Yesterday’s never matter

No more than tomorrow’s 

I only have the moment

And new days

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