How do I feel?

I don’t know.

I really don’t, you think everything’s coming into play and there’s no more question



Fucking words!!!

They say so much and you try to reason with them.

But they sink in


And heard

Your mind clears of all other thoughts in an unsettling calm


Why can’t they just blend into the big picture along with everything else


They fucking echo back and forth in the dark

Consuming the world

And every universal happening trapped in the moment

Just a couple words ringing clear over the countless thousands

What do they mean

Why were they said

Will they matter tomorrow

You can only see what’s to be seen

No more or less

Yet there are no answers 

Only instinct

Instinct built on past tragedy and hurt

Built from the forgotten lost

That paved the way

Even if the trail is new

You can’t not see the stars

All you can do is wander

All you can do is wonder

At what it all means

Brush off the dirt

And hold your head up

There is no other way 

No other words to say

Just shock and awe

The beauty in a gaze

The red letter days

A touch

A smile

And now

After your walls have collapsed 

The horns quit blowing

The march stops rumbling

And in the rubble you stand alone

Listen for a voice alone

To create anew 

A sentence or two

That restores the comfort

That brought you to your knees in the first place

Never thought about it

All else seemed as such great triumphs

But the embargo was unseen


And without reason

Just for the hell of it



Does it matter?

Will Dawn bring a new light.

Or just add to the obvious 

Maybe forget

Maybe start on a new day

With new hope


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