Hunter Miller

Hunter was a dog, a bird dog actually, with great bloodlines on both sides of the English Setter world. His neck was a little short and head a little broad for a show dog. His gait was refined and speed a little slow for trials, but if ever a dog had passion Hunter did and his desire for finding ruffed grouse was his greatest love. As animated as he was in the woods he was not so in the house. He could be found sleeping soundly on the sofa at most times amongst a house full of dogs and children. Occasionally he moved his lip a bit to groan slightly when disturbed. Any hint of a trip to the woods and he was circling frantically at the door. His name was a simple find actually for a dog with such great prospect  and Hunter was assigned immediately. On the other hand little ones and young minds decided he deserved a full name to fit in with all the other creatures living in and around the house.

Originally I had hoped to explore my creativity here, yet it consumed my thought. Currently I’m exploiting the blog to post some of my poetic scribbles and amatuer photography.

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