How do I feel? I don't know. I really don't, you think everything's coming into play and there's no more question Then Words Fucking words!!! They say so much and you try to reason with them. But they sink in Deep And heard Your mind clears of all other thoughts in an unsettling calm Why? … Continue reading Maybe

Writer’s Block

The cadence of perpetual chaos The improper subtleties They hide under rocks, but the rocks lift slightly Anyone can see they've been moved Look into the kaleidoscope and pretend you don't care There's a disturbance in the distance Only dishonesty can deny its existence Who are we Why are we here To fight the fates … Continue reading Writer’s Block


Storms come in strong and quick They blot out the sky with what's unknown  Light blinding, rumbles and crashes A piece of paper flies and spins  Out of control and there's no escape To tough it out seems futile Running's the fools route  It makes sense if we believe But we must face our misgivings … Continue reading Shelter